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The game changer: towards data-driven personalized drug prescribing. The app makes it possible to choose the most appropriate treatment within 1 minute. Currently, the app is available for hypertension and hepatitis C.

The Why

We are determined to improve health, and therefore human well-being, worldwide by enriching medical science with personalized, data-driven therapy choice.

The How

By offering original study data, clustered based on patient profiles, we support physicians in making their own treatment decision, which is both evidence-based and personalized.

The What

An app on desktop or smartphone allows the physician to create a patient profile within 4 clicks and, based on the outcomes of all published treatments for that patient profile, choose the best individual treatment method within 1 minute.

Rob de Knegt
Amazing, it's just possible: in mere seconds, for the individual patient, the most current and best therapy available at a glance. That's why I use the TherapySelector app almost every day, on my smartphone, or on my hospital desktop.

Dr. R.J. (Rob) de Knegt

Hepatologist Erasmus M.C., Rotterdam

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