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Why is TherapySelector developed?

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TherapySelector offers the much needed and desired addition to official guidelines. The application technology provides doctors with real-time access to knowledge and therefore supports in the selection of adequate care. TherapySelector allows any doctor or specialist to choose a treatment regimen that is both evidence-based and person-centered. The treatment regimens are provided with information about the duration of the treatment, possible side-affects, costs, and reimbursements. In this way, patients are better informed and remain involved.


TherapySelector strives to guarantee and improve the prestigious quality of Dutch healthcare, by facilitating person-centered treatment regimens for doctors and patients.


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  • the problem that TherapySelector is trying to solve;
  • the concept;
  • the building blocks;
  • the data handling;
  • its accessibility;
  • TherapySelector in practice;
  • added value;
  • the business model;
  • and future development?

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