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Quality and certification


TherapySelector has been CE marked in accordance with EU Directive 93/42/EEC since 2019. This indicates that the product complies with the relevant European environmental, safety and health directives.

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Quality label for health apps

Currently, TherapySelector is in the process of compliance to CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2. This new standard aims to enable consumers, healthcare providers, health insurers and healthcare authorities to make an informed choice to use a particular health app.

Similar to the well-known EU Energy label, this international standard includes a quality label for health apps that allows consumers to quickly see what the app is for, and how well it scores on important quality aspects such as patient safety, ease of use, data security and robustness. On each of these 4 aspects, the app receives a score between a green A and red E, with A being the best result. In addition, these aspects together provide a total score. Based on our own assessment, TherapySelector scores an A on each of the 4 aspects mentioned above, and also achieves an overall score of A.

TherapySelector is currently participating in a pilot to test the certification scheme initiated by Label2Enable. As one of the first, the TherapySelector app will be assessed by 2 international independent app assessment organizations.

ISO 82304-2
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