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Privacy and Cookie Statement

TherapySelector values the privacy of you as a (potential) user of the TherapySelector app, as a visitor of the website, and of organizations, companies, and individuals with whom we cooperate.  
TherapySelector processes your data with care and in accordance with the GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) and the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This means that we: 

  • Process personal data only in accordance with the purposes for which it was provided..
  • Only process personal data that is limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed. 
  • Obtain explicit consent for the processing of personal data when necessary.
  • Have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.
  • Do not transfer personal data to other parties, unless in accordance with the purposes for which they were provided.
  • Respect your rights with regard to your personal data and address them adequately.


About TherapySelector

TherapySelector B.V. is a private company with limited liability, with its registered office at (3011 AL) Rotterdam, Leeuwenstraat 9, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce number 24492267.  

TherapySelector is a company with a social objective and has developed a practical tool to support patient profile personalized choice of treatment. 

Data processing: legal bases 

TherapySelector processes (personal) data for the performance of a contract, on the basis of your explicit consent or to comply with a legal obligation.  

Use of the app: purposes and legal bases for processing

When you use the TherapySelector app, we collect usage data, however this data is not traceable to individual users (see the information in the App Store and Google Play Store). Currently, you can use all features of the TherapySelector app without providing personal data to us. Only when using the feedback option in the app, we collect your email address. This allows us to contact you to improve our services. If you have signed up for testing the app, we need your name and email address to notify you when new test versions are available.  

The app contains links to third party websites. TherapySelector is not liable or responsible for the content and any data collected on these websites. 

Website: purposes and legal bases for processing 

On our website, you can submit your details via the contact form to allow us to contact you. These details may include your name and email address and any other contact details you have provided. Your data will only be used for the purpose to reply on your request, such as a query for information about our services, or to make an appointment. The information will not be shared with third parties. By providing your personal data through the contact form on our website you agree that TherapySelector will process your data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Study data purposes and legal bases for processing 

The core of the TherapySelector app is a database of high-quality data from worldwide clinical trials or registrations. Research groups and sponsors worldwide provide anonymous patient data from published randomized controlled trials, other phase 2 & 3 studies and prospective real-life studies, for this purpose. In our database, the individual patient data are aggregated to a so-called ‘patient profile’, ‘therapy regimen’ and ’therapy outcome’. If necessary, additional data transfer agreements are concluded for processing these study data.  

Other business operations 

TherapySelector processes for its financial administration (personal) data that you provide with your consent, for the performance of an agreement or to comply with a legal obligation. 

Sharing of personal data 

Like most companies nowadays, we use cloud services for our (financial) administration and communication. TherapySelector works with a Dutch cloud service. Your (personal) data will not be processed outside of the EU. If necessary for the execution of the agreement or to comply with a possible legal obligation, we will share your (personal) data with third parties. For our financial administration we use a third party that functions as processor.  

We do not use automated individual decision-making, including profiling. 

Retention periods 

In accordance with the GDPR, TherapySelector only retains data as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or in accordance with legal obligations. We keep most personal data as long as we have a relationship with you as a user, customer, or supplier. In other cases, such as for the financial administration, the retention period is 7 years after the termination of the agreement based on a legal obligation.   


We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.  

  • When using the contact form on our website, the data is sent via a secure connection. 
  • Our employees and cooperation partners have – if needed – signed a confidentiality agreement and are familiar with the measures in the field of information security. 
  • Study data is pseudonymized/anonymized upon receipt if this has not already been done.
  • We make backups to be able to restore our services in case of physical or technical incidents.


Use of cookies 

On the website, we use analytical cookies to get more insights about the traffic on our website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, laptop, or mobile device when visiting a website. The cookie contains certain information.  

On our website we use anonymous cookies fromGoogle Analytics. Therefore, we don’t know who visits the website or from which device the visit takes place. For this purpose, we have taken the following actions:  

  • We have concluded a processing agreement with Google.
  • Your IP address is not stored in full (anonymized). 
  • We have turned off ‘Data sharing’ with Google services and for advertising purposes.
  • The functions for User IDs are turned off.
  • We do not use other Google services in conjunction with the Google Analytics cookies.


We do not use tracking cookies and social media plug-in cookies on the website, except to display embedded content from YouTube. When playing these videos, you agree to YouTube’s terms and conditions.  

For more information, see the privacy policy of Google (Analytics) and the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.  

In your browser settings, you can block cookies for all websites. You can also download an opt-out plug-in for Google Analytics. In addition, you can delete previously stored cookies via your browser settings.  

Right of access, rectification, or erasure of (personal) data 

You have the right to submit requests for access, correction of deletion of the (personal) data we have about you. Please send your request to To prevent abuse, we may ask for additional information to verify your identity. . 


If you have a complaint about how we process your (personal) data, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. 


We may change this Privacy and Cookie statement. However, on this page you will always find the most recent version. The current version is 2.1 (valid as of January 17th, 2023). 


For questions regarding your privacy and this Privacy Statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer at  

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