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TherapySelector develops decision support tools for physicians to easily and quickly choose data-based, personalized treatments for and with their patients.


TherapySelector was founded in 2003 as LiverDoc by Prof. Solko Schalm, to minimize the unnecessarily high mortality due to hepatitis virus infections in the Netherlands. One of the projects within LiverDoc led to the introduction of the first TherapySelector app for hepatitis C in 2017.
TherapySelector is a spinoff of another successful e-health organization founded by Schalm. The TherapySelector team has over 15 years of hands-on experience at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Independence and funding

TherapySelector is a social enterprise and will use a major part of the revenues to achieve its social goal - maximizing the use of TherapySelector - and to measure the social impact of the organization - use of the TherapySelector app.
Basically, funding comes from TherapySelector's own resources and grants without any contributions from the pharmaceutical industry. New funding is sought from health insurance companies, hospitals and public funds which are aimed at maximizing the use of TherapySelector.
Grants have been gratefully accepted from:
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In addition to founder and director Prof. Dr. Solko Schalm, the TherapySelector team consists of Karin Scheidel, product manager and disease domain editors, data acquisition assistants, app developers, database specialists, a financial advisor and communications staff.
Furthermore TherapySelector is supported by an Advisory Board.
Team TherapySelector

Collaboration and validation

The app is being developed by TherapySelector in collaboration with physicians and scientists associated with leading academic medical centers such as Erasmus MC, LUMC and MUMC+.
We collaborate with:
  • Academic data science departments for methodological aspects of data analysis
  • Scientific societies for authorization of patient profiled data for inclusion in the TherapySelector database
  • Academic clinical departments for editors of specific diseases, with their international network of clinical researchers

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