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Our strategy for success

Our strategy for success

TherapySelector was created as an add-on to guidelines. We, and also more and more healthcare professionals, experience that guidelines are limited, because they are based on the “average” patient. In reality, there are many differences between individual patients that influence treatment outcomes. Therefore, there is a need for more personalized care.

Our application supports physicians to create a patient profile within only 4 clicks, thereby supporting the selection of more personalized healthcare. TherapySelector enables physicians to choose a treatment therapy that is both evidence-based, and person-centered. In addition to information on the probability of "success" of disease remission, also information on likelihood of adverse events and cost is given.

Thereby it prevents the prescription of ineffective therapies or treatments that cause unnecessary side effects and/or are unnecessarily costly.

The present

TherapySelector is currently available for the Hepatitis C disease domain. And is used many times a month, by an increasing number of physicians, as a decision support tool. An enthusiastic team of professionals, including physicians and scientists from universities and academic medical centers, is busy every day making the most up-to-date data available for the app.

We are a private organization with a social objective and has (university) medical centers as partners. Our primary objective is maximizing the use of the TherapySelector app. Our organizational structure has a separation of owners, management and funders. Any revenues are reinvested.

The future

Driven by our passion for personalized healthcare, we are developing the app into a decision support tool that will be widely applicable in the future.

Currently, we are developing the Hypertension and Heart Failure as disease domains (live in 2023/2024). We aim to include 12 different disease domains in the app within 5 years.

In subsequent years, a subscription-based paid variant will be introduced for hospitals. For now, this license type of the TherapySelector app is focused only on the Dutch market, but will be made available to non-Dutch markets thereafter.

Solko Schalm

The origins

The origins of TherapySelector lie in the analysis of how Hepatitis C was dealt with in the Netherlands. TherapySelector is a late life work of Prof. Dr. Solko Schalm, who originally aimed to minimize the unnecessarily high mortality rate due to Hepatitis C infection in the Netherlands.

TherapySelector is a spinoff of other successful e-health organizations with app technology founded by Schalm. It is for this reason that the TherapySelector team has over 15 years of practical experience with both health care and technology.

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